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A dog can be an enthusiastic learner who thinks rather than reacts. Training built on communication, clarity and compassion. Training with positive interactions builds the foundation for trust and a lasting relationship with your dog.

experience the


of a well-mannered canine companion through effective training that is fun for both you and your dog!

Sea Change Canine offers a full array of dog and human-friendly training options to suit your needs:

  • Puppy Manners Group and Private Classes
  • Canine Manners Group and Private Classes
  • K9 Nose Work® Group Classes
  • Private training sessions, including Feisty Fido and Shy dogs



Sea Change Canine uses positive reinforcement to help your dog become a “thinking” dog.

Learn basic ways to problem solve and communicate with your dog in a fun and engaging manner. Our positive approach includes Tellington TTouch ®, a combination of gentle touch and exercises to increase confidence, calmness, self-awareness, and mental and physical balance. A dog should feel safe and have choices.

Training should be enjoyable for you and your dog. If your dog has fun learning and gets rewarded for it, they will want to do it over and over again. Reward based dog training enriches the relationship between our dogs and us and builds a solid bond of trust.